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About Damian Sandone...

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Damian Sandone


Damian Sandone, is a third-generation professional photographer making an indelible impression in the photography world. His versatility to work with commercial product photography and eCommerce product photography along with influential fashion editorial and advertising clients, has set him apart from others in his field. 

Beginning his career in New York City as an assistant and apprentice to his father, AJ Sandone, Damian honed his artistry and technique and found his passion in fashion photography. Damian began to make a name for himself when he spent three years as Bel Air’s main photographer. During this time, he also produced work for Eddie Bauer and went on to establish his own fashion, editorial, and advertising clientele, including Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, Walmart, Ralph Lauren, and many others.  His most recent credits include a multimedia campaign with Weatherproof, and CB Sports.


For Damian, each photograph tells a story. His fashion editorial photography has been described as innovative, showcasing his true talent. His extraordinary sense of style, design, color and lighting is why he has become a nationally renowned fashion photographer.

His versatility as an artist has been reflected in his portfolio since moving to Asheville, NC showcasing his skills in eCommerce and product photography, capturing images that best reflect their brands and campaigns. Damian has recently added Sylvan Sports, Huk, and Nomad to his eCommerce portfolio. With attention to detail and a personalized approach, Damian’s product photography for eCommerce stands out by exhibiting his years of experience in the field. High-quality product photos that highlight the essential and best features of the product are captured within his eCommerce photography studio.


Damian Sandone’s engaging personality brings ease to the subjects in front of the camera while his exceptional professionalism ensures that he always delivers. A natural complement to his talent as a conceptual photographer, Damian is also able to quickly and accurately translate a client’s vision through his lens. From the intimacy of his new studio in Venice, FL to shooting in beautiful panoramic landscapes across the US, Damian takes great pride in delivering exceptional quality photos for his wide range of clientele.  

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